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Do Android manufacturers looks to condoms for name inspiration? It certainly looks that way

condoms Image via: Paul Keller with Creative Commons

Here at Android and Me, we are no strangers to poking fun at the names behind Android devices. Some of them are absolutely ridiculous, and with a fresh batch of phones being delivered several times a year, there’s always room for them to get worse. Fortunately, several companies, like HTC for example, are trying their hardest to do away with the crazy names to simplify things. Unfortunately, much of the damage has already been done, as shown in this “Is it a condom, or is it an Android?” chart from The Intercom Blog.

When I say Desire, Sensation, Touch and Cruise, do you automatically think of an Android phone or condom? How about Vitality, Wildfire, Indulge and Intensity? Either answer wouldn’t really be surprising, as both Android phones and condoms happen to share those names. Yes, really.

The folks over at The Intercom Blog have put together a chart that takes 20 different product names, and shows which ones are Android phones, which ones are condoms, and which ones are both. Out of the 20, 8 names are shared by both a condom and phone. The rest of the names chosen, like Hero, Electrify and Ultra Thin could go either way. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them make the jump at some point in the future.

Of course, there’s a ton of condom names that would never make for good Android handsets, and some Android phones would make terrible condom names (Trojan Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD?), but there’s no denying the hilarity of the products that do share names. Which is your favorite?

Via: TechCrunch

Source: The Intercom Blog

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