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Rumor: Key Lime Pie to be next major Android update to follow Jelly Bean

3 years ago 55

We know Google’s already hard at work on the next big update to Android (aka Jelly Bean), but what’s the next Android treat going to be called? According to The Verge, a trusted source has revealed to them that the Android team has settled on Key Lime Pie. Obviously, there are not a lot of dessert or tasty treat options when it comes to the letter K unless you’re a fan of Kiwi Cheese Cake (or any other Kiwi flavored desserts).

Talking about Android’s Key Lime Pie update feels like we’re getting too far ahead of ourselves since manufacturers are just now rolling out phones that are running on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and it’ll be at least another 12 months before Jelly Bean (rumored to be Android 5.0) powered phones hit store shelves. At this pace, we’ll have to wait until spring of 2014 before Key Lime Pie is baked into new handsets by OEMs.

What do you think of the Key Lime Pie name? Is there another dessert or treat that starts with a letter K which may be better suited for the next version of Android?