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Sprint contest hints at Galaxy Nexus launch in April?


Sprint announced they would carry the Galaxy Nexus earlier this year and customers have been eagerly waiting ever since. We know it’s coming in the first-half of 2012 and people can register for updates, but we have yet to hear about the official release date. Today Sprint shared two hints that suggest their Galaxy Nexus could arrive sooner than we think.

First Sprint started a new contest called the Data Storm Sweepstakes, where they are giving away 30 free Galaxy Nexus smartphones. Sprint is accepting entries to the contest through April 5, and then they will announce the winners on or about April 16. It doesn’t say when the prizes will be shipped out, but one could assume it might happen as soon as next month.

Next Sprint uploaded a new video to YouTube that demonstrates the benefits of the Galaxy Nexus and Google Wallet. Once again no release date is mentioned, but Sprint says they are reading their 4G LTE network and the device is coming soon.

Sprint’s 4G LTE network will only be available in a handful of cities when it launches in the coming months. Initial markets include Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and San Antonio and we recently learned that  Baltimore and Kansas City would be next on the list to get LTE by mid-2012. Sprint has already rolled out their first LTE cluster in Kankakee, Illinois late last year, so I think they can meet their goal of a small launch by next quarter.

The Galaxy Nexus is still expected to become Sprint’s first LTE smartphone, so we anticipate a simultaneous launch of the device and new network at the same time. It’s always possible that Sprint could start selling the Galaxy Nexus before LTE is widely available (similar to the EVO 4G and their early WiMAX network), so be on the lookout for a surprise announcement as early as next month.

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