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Intel Medfield impresses in recent benchmarking scores


Folks in France will soon get a taste of Intel’s Medfield, Intel’s mobile chipset which could be about as powerful as Tegra 3 in many areas. The Santa Clara smartphone is heading to Orange later this spring, and thanks to German-based Caschys Blog, we now have some new benchmarks for the Medfield device. Caschy ran the Rightware and Vellamo browser benchmarks on the Santa Clara.

On the Rightware benchmark, the Santa Clara came in at 89,180, below the 98,272 score in the Galaxy Nexus, but slightly above the iPhone 4S’a 87,810.

When it came to the more well-known Qualcomm Vellamo benchmark, the Intel Medfield based Santa Clara phone truly shined. The Santa Clara scored much higher than the Galaxy Nexus, finishing slightly below the current industry-leading ASUS Transformer Prime. This is despite Medfield being a 1.6 GHz single core x86-based chipset.

This is not the first time we’ve seen Medfield being compared to the Tegra 3 chipset. Earlier this year, Medfield was clocked slightly higher than Tegra 3 in the CaffeineMark benchmarking tool, a single-threaded tool that doesn’t take advantage of the Tegra 3′s other cores. Today’s benchmark makes a bit more sense, as we’d expect the quad-core Tegra 3 to outperform the single-core Medfield, however slightly the difference may be.

While we always recommend you take benchmarks with a grain of salt, as they only tend to predict real world performance, today’s benchmarks give us good reason to get excited about what Medfield will bring to the Android table. We can’t wait to get our hands on a U.S. bound Medfield device, which could be coming as early as the next few months.

Who else is excited for Medfield? Would you consider a Medfield device over the likes of Tegra 3 and Samsung’s upcoming Exynos quad-core chips?

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Source: Caschy's Blog

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