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J.D. Powers ranks HTC as highest satisfying Android manufacturer


J.D. Powers and Associates has just released Volume 1 of their 2012 biannual smartphone satisfaction study, giving us a glimpse into just how satisfied consumers are with their latest smartphone experience. The numbers haven’t changed all that much from last year, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Out of the top four companies ranked highest in consumer satisfaction, three are popular Android manufacturers. Including HTC, who is ranked number two overall.

In order to get an idea on how smartphone users rank their experience with new smartphones for the study, J.D. Powers surveyed 7,080 consumers, asking them to evaluate performance, ease of operation, physical design and features. Only two companies have managed to exceed the industry average of 774 (out of 1000) for consumer satisfaction in the July of 2011 to December of 2011 report:  Apple, who takes the number one spot with 839, and HTC, who takes the number two spot with 798. Trailing Apple and HTC is Samsung and Motorola, with 769 and 758 respectively. HTC is also one of only three companies to improve on customer satisfaction from the January 2011 to June 2011 report.

As far as the industry as a whole is concerned, battery life satisfaction has taken a hit thanks to the introduction of 4G smartphones. 4G smartphone users gave battery life a 6.1 out of 10 on average, bringing the total average to just 6.7, down 0.2 points from the previous study. Overall though, software malfunctions had the largest impact on customer satisfaction. Those who experienced some sort of software malfunction, around 21 percent, recorded a 77 point gap in satisfaction from those who did not.

How would you rank your latest smartphone experience? Has battery life made a negative impact? Software malfunctions bringing you down? Be sure to share in the comments.

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