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Threads are finally here. Join the league.


If you’ve been paying attention around here lately, you know that big changes are afoot. A few months back we rolled out tweaks to our scoring system. More recently, we launched new user profile pages. When we deployed those changes, astute users noticed an extra tab, not yet live.

That tab was for Threads and we’re happy to announce that they’re finally here. Threads aim to be a lot of things, but at the core I guess you’d call it our version of a forum (just don’t let it hear you call it that). We’ve spent a lot of time on boards over the years, and recently even more time blogging, and Threads are a mashup of the two.

Threads do a lot of things differently than some forums, most notably costing you points to start a new thread. While anyone can participate in the comments (just like on a regular blog post), starting a new thread is a privilege reserved for users with enough points to previously prove themselves trustworthy. We hope that restricting posting new threads even a little bit will help with the traditional noise ratio you find on some forums.

Starting a thread won’t just cost you points, because you’ll actually earn points back for each comment your thread gets. We hope this light competition will foster a creative and thoughtful environment, not unlike our real blogging practices. Speaking of which, exemplary threads are actually eligible to get promoted up to a real article on Android and Me.

If you’d like to learn more about how threads will function, you can check the documentation in our new Docs section or just dive into Threads now.

Some recent threads

To get things rolling, I thought it’d be fun to post some of the active threads we’ve had over the past week of beta testing.

#thenextinstall Help us pick the next apps in the rough – Taylor is using this thread to source apps for his weekly column where he reviews little-known yet awesome applications and games.

Review your Galaxy Note for a free case – Besides points, sometimes a thread can earn you real prizes, as was the case with this challenge. Three lucky users scored a new case from @SpeckProducts.

The future of tablets – Pontificating on the future of tablets, and why they aren’t more utilized as text books and the like.

Best looking Android device? A quest to find the best looking Android device, from a strictly hardware standpoint.

What’s your favorite Twitter app? – The age old question: which Twitter client reigns supreme?

In addition to always being located at /threads, you’ll be able to find the most recent threads in the sidebar, visible on almost any page on the site. We hope that you guys enjoy this tool as much as we did building it. Join us in Threads and let us know what you’re up to in the world of Android!

Oh, and if you somehow still don’t have an And Me Account, it’s never too late to join!

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