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ASUS Transformer Pad 300 appears on Amazon with April 22nd ship date


If you want to own the best 10-inch Android tablet available, but don’t want to spend $499 on the Transformer Prime, then you might want to check out its younger brother the Transformer Pad 300.

ASUS’s new Transformer Pad TF300 is almost identical to the Transformer Prime TF201, but is loses the IPS+ display for a regular IPS display, and it’s slightly thicker. We knew the cheaper device was coming soon and today the blue 32 GB model appeared on Amazon for $399. Another 16 GB model is said to be coming at $379, but it is not currently listed for pre-order yet.

Those who pre-order the Transformer Pad 300 now should see it early next week, around April 22nd.

I have owned the original Transformer Prime since last year, and I still use it daily as my preferred Android tablet. The IPS+ display is incredibly bright and suitable for outdoor reading, but I don’t use my tablet much outdoors so I wouldn’t mind getting the regular IPS display and saving $100.

Looking out over the next couple months, the Transformer Pad 300 looks to be the best deal on a premium 10-inch Android tablet. The only device out there that might eclipse the Transformer Pad in performance is the rumored Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6, but we don’t know when it will arrive (and there is no way it will be priced as low as $399.)

Also coming soon from ASUS is the upgraded Transformer Prime Infinity TF700T, which features a higher resolution 1920 × 1200 display. That will be the highest resolution display of any ASUS tablet, but it will likely debut at a higher price around $499.


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