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ASUS Transformer Pad 300 gets an early retail debut, may start at $379


ASUS certainly isn’t going to be challenging Samsung anytime soon for the “ridiculous number of tablets crown,” but with the Transformer Prime TF700T, the 370T (Nexus tablet?) and of course the Transformer Pad 300 pictured above, they aren’t exactly slouches either.

Those first two are certainly grabbing a few more headlines as the TF700T is basically a Transformer Prime with a 1920×1200 display – and while that may not be resolutionary (yeah I just threw up a little) – it’s definitely a welcome upgrade to an already fantastic piece of hardware. Then of course you have the 370T, which fortunately or unfortunately may have been co-opted by Google to do duty as the first true Nexus tablet.

The Transformer Pad 300 still deserves a look as well though, as it offers virtually all of the features of the Transformer Prime with just a slightly diminished screen (IPS rather than IPS+) and a thicker frame being the two concessions. Your reward for accepting those compromises is a fairly significant savings with the 16GB version of the Transformer Pad 300 ringing up for just $379 and just $20 more for 32GB (according to a J&R representative that spoke to the Verge). The same representative claimed that they should have them in stock “in about a week.” Internationally, the 32GB Transformer Pad 300 also appeared on the French Tablette Store for â‚¬499.

As you probably surmised from the picture and the Transformer name, the keyboard dock is alive and well for the Transformer Pad 300 and should be setting you back an additional $149.

Anyone looking to save a little coin and go with the Transformer Pad 300 when it launches or do you have your heart set on either the full HD or more pocketable additions to the ASUS tablet family?

Via: The Verge

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