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Google and Oracle settlement talks stall, trial set for April 16th

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Settlement talks in the ongoing legal battle between Google and Oracle have stalled in the past few weeks. Just last week, Judge Paul S. Grewal asked the two companies to give settlement talks one last chance, requesting a final decision on the matter by April 9th. After a few days of talks, the companies have announced that they have reached an impasse, and a trial date has been set for April 16th in San Francisco.

Oracle has accused Google of infringing upon various Java-related patents held by Oracle which the company claims are found in Google’s Android operating system. While several of Oracle’s charges against Google were thrown out by a judge back in May 2011, the meat of Oracle’s patent claims remain in tact and could spell a bit of trouble for Google.

Google fights this claim by highlighting their close relationship with Sun Microsystems, the creators of Java which is now owned by Oracle. Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz fully approved Google’s use of Java in Android, a fact Oracle tried to sweep under the rug by hastily deleting Schwartz’s blog post on the matter. This led us and others to believe that Oracle wanted nothing more than to destroy Android, or at least earn as much money as it can off the Android platform.

After a rejected settlement proposal from Google, which would have netted Oracle a share of Android’s revenue stream through 2018, the patent infringement issue will be settled in court later this month. We will, of course, bring you news of the case as it develops.

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