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HTC One X review roundup


Today the HTC One X is launching in Europe and the first reviews are beginning to appear online. We took the time to round up some of the best reviews and then look at what the reviewers were saying about each aspect of the device. Read on to see how HTC’s latest flagship device performed.

Overall, it looks like the HTC One X lived up to the high expectations that we set for it. Every reviewer was in agreement that the One X is HTC’s finest smartphone ever produced. The only major complaints we have found are things we were well aware of – the battery if not user replaceable and there is no microSD slot. The absence of a replaceable battery and microSD card might be a deal killer for sure, but if you can get past that the One X delivers one of the best displays and cameras of any Android device.

What people are saying about the HTC One X:

  • Design: “instant winner”, “quantum leap beyond any HTC”, “this is its flagship and it’s a beauty”, “cohesive and appealing design”, ” the start of a new era of design for HTC”
  • Display: “the best I’ve ever seen on a phone”, “struggling to find fault with it in any way”, “Most gorgeous display”, “outdoors the screen was both navigable and readable”, “the best display we’ve ever seen in an Android smartphone”, “a phone we can actually use outside”, “touch keys also aren’t always hyper-responsive to being tapped”
  • Audio: “superb across the board”, “the speaker grill belts out plenty of noise”, “Beats makes everything just a tad louder”, “speakerphone is crisp and clear and is fairly loud”, “audio quality is clear and more than pleasant on the ear, for a phone”
  • Performance: “Incredibly quick and smooth”, “one of the best all-round imaging experiences we’ve come across without sacrificing quality”, “it handled nearly all of our tasks effortlessly”, “jaw-dropping benchmark scores”, “Apps load quickly and multitask with no lag; images open and pinch-zoom smoothly”, “Quad-core is overkill for most people”
  • Camera: “best and easiest use of any Android device on the market”, “runs circles around the benchmark-setting iPhone 4S”, ” burst mode and still capture during video recording can be extraordinarily valuable in some situations”, “Fantastic camera”, “the quickest cameraphone we’ve ever reviewed”, “Low-light performance is particularly impressive”, “people who care little about aperture and shutter settings will take great photos with the One X”
  • Battery: “Non-removable. There is no battery cover”, “Standby time is amazing”, “normal usage yielded 13 hours and 38 minutes”, “Battery life not as good as the One S”, “managed to get on an average of 7-9 hours of ‘regular’ usage, and peaking at 12-hours and 41 minutes on less busy days”, “If you’re constantly on the run with no opportunity to charge, you might need to think twice”, “Getting a full 24 hours out of the battery is easily within reach”, “Battery life is questionable”
  • Sense UI 4.0: “there’s an overall ‘toning down’ of Sense”, “better, but it doesn’t go far enough”, “thin and light”, “this isn’t your father’s old version of Sense”, “does a much better job figuring out the spirit of stock Android and truly striving to emulate the OS”, “We were never much fans of Sense, but 4.0 changes things for the better”, “Sense 4 perhaps is the best iteration yet”

HTC One X review roundup score: 8.7+

Video reviews of HTC One X:

Most underrated feature: HTC Media Link

The HTC One X supports the new HTC Media Link HD accessory that brings your phone’s content to a larger display. The only downside is it uses the DLNA standard, so a separate WiFi network router is still needed.

6 Word Wrap Up: “HTC’s best yet, SGS3 coming soon.”

If we wrote a six-word memoir for the HTC One X it would be: “HTC’s best yet, SGS3 coming soon.” Fans of HTC will absolutely love the One X, but we can’t ignore that Samsung has yet to share the official details for the successor to the Galaxy S II. We agree that the One X appears to be the best Android phone that money can buy, but we don’t see anything truly innovative or something that has never been done.

What do you think of HTC’s latest flagship device? Do you plan on buying one when it comes to AT&T or Sprint?

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