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Transformer Prime GPS issues? There’s a dongle for that


Transformer Prime owners have been complaining about GPS issues basically since launch. As with most complaints of this kind there were many that didn’t seem to experience the problem at all, while others found it intolerable. Prime owners in the UK were actually already given the option to return their Prime for a refund as a result of this issue or if they chose to keep it were given a six month extension on their warranty.

ASUS subsequently tried unsuccessfully to correct the problem with firmware updates, but the general issue as outlined by Anandtech back in January is the aluminum body of the Prime hindering the GPS reception. Not surprisingly it takes a hardware solution to deal with a hardware problem and that is exactly what ASUS will unveil on April 16th.

The rumor is that the dongle will attach via the proprietary dock connection on the Prime and that it is fairly unobtrusive[1]. If you make heavy use of the dock for the keyboard that would seem like a bit of an annoyance, but I suppose if you really need solid GPS performance out of your Prime that is probably a tradeoff you are willing to make.

Prime owners will be able to register on the 16th and according to the ASUS representative the dongle itself should be shipping approximately two weeks later.

I know we have a fair number of Prime owners around here; has this been a big problem for you and if so are you happy with ASUS’s solution?


  1. Land of Droid captured the brief description of the dongle and the planned mid-April release from an XDA thread before it was taken down.

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