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Flipboard for Android to enter beta testing TODAY

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Flipboard for Android made its debut on the Galaxy S III superphone, which is currently making its way around the world. Flipboard chose the Galaxy S III as a launch exclusive because it wanted to focus on delivering the same polished experience the application has on iOS to Android, and tailoring the application for one device (and one screen size) allowed them to accomplish that goal. Those who chose to hold out for an official application, and not install the leaked build, would have to wait indefinitely for Flipboard to end it’s exclusive deal with the S III.

Update: Just received an invite to join the Flipboard beta via email, so those who signed up to receive updates should also be invited to join the beta soon. You will need to sign up for email to get it, for now.

Flipboard has announced that it will be offering a beta testing period to all other devices shortly, allowing early adopters the opportunity to help Flipboard fine-tune their application for the wide array of Android devices currently available today. Beta testers can report bugs and issues they have with the application, which will in turn allow Flipboard developers to troubleshoot potential issues certain devices will have without the need to purchase the thousands of devices currently available.

Those of you looking to get your hands on Flipboard for Android should keep an eye on their Android landing page, which will be updated with information about the beta trial. We will, of course, keep you up to date as we learn more of the beta launch. Stay tuned.

Via: Engadget

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