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Solid Explorer wins week 5 of #thenextinstall, 10 new apps try to knock it down


Can our community help discover the next great Android app? Welcome to a new experiment called #thenextinstall where we try to see if we can find an Android app in the rough, and boost its installs and exposure to new highs.

We took a couple weeks off since I’ve been traveling, but last time we did this our community selected Shot Control, a camera app designed to help serious photographers take better photographs. The developer Peter Daly is an awesome guy and he said our users “pushed the app past the 1k install tier, provided awesome feedback, and have been great to work with.” This week he rolled out a new update which fixed a ton of bugs on the HTC One, so check it out if you need an advanced camera app.

Week 5 Winner: Solid Explorer Beta

This week’s we had another clear winner emerge. Solid Explorer Beta by Krzysztof GÅ‚odowski is easily the best looking file manager we have ever seen on Android. I installed it several weeks back and it is now my go to file manager on all my Android devices.

Highlights of Solid Explorer include:

  • Two independent panels for browsing
  • Drag and Drop inside and between panels
  • FTP, SFTP and SMB/CIFS clients
  • File sharing via FTP
  • Support for ZIP, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2 and RAR archives
  • Creating ZIP and TAR archives
  • Dropbox and Box support
  • Bookmarks
  • Root access
  • Indexed search, also available from the system (that means that you can search for files from the Google Search widget/app)
  • Detailed file and directory information

Grab Solid Explorer from the link below and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Even though the app is still in beta, I found the overall experience easier to use that previous file managers I’ve tried. Be sure to leave your feedback for the dev, so he can improve it with future updates.


Week 6 Challengers


Pitch: Pair is the easiest way to stay in touch with the person you love, making it easy to share the little things in life with each other. It creates a timeline just for the two of you, where you can post cute video messages and photos that no one else will see.


Flud News

Pitch: Flud is the first truly social news reader. For the first time ever, the things you read about give you topical credibility among your friends and followers. Your Flud profile allows you to discover your news personality and become a credible source of information.



Pitch: FlyRights provides a quick and easy way to report complaints of air travel discrimination in real time, right after the incident occurs. With this application you have the option of reporting your complaint directly to the Transportation Security Administration/Department of Homeland Security so that their offices of civil rights are aware of your complaint and can investigate it.



Pitch: Savored saves you up to 40% off your food and drink at hundreds of great restaurants across the country — your reservations are confirmed instantly, and best of all — they’re free!


GO Backup

Pitch: Backup all your contacts,messages and apps. Stable,fast,simple and totally free.


Metal Sniffer

Pitch: Find magnetic fields and use it to detect metals or magnets! This app detects nearby electromagnetic fields using the phone’s built-in magnetometer/compass.



Pitch: Finally, an app worthy of your toolbox. The handy Lowe’s app allows you to shop for your favorite products, review ratings, create lists, locate the closest store, and access inspiring photos and how-to videos.



Pitch: Everyme is the private social network. We believe most stories are meant to be shared with your closest friends and family, not with 500 random acquaintances. With Everyme, you can share like you do in real life, in intimate Circles.



Pitch: UNIQLO WAKE UP is an innovative new social alarm app that aims to make waking up every day an enjoyable experience. Wake up with music that changes with the weather. Share the start of your day.


AppBrain Ad Detector

Pitch: Free your phone from potential concerns! This app detects all annoyances of apps installed on your phone, such as Push Notifications, Desktop icon spam or privacy concerns.


What’s next? How can I participate?

If you want to play along, then join the league of app addicts.

Over the coming week, we will continue to monitor all the apps and see which generate the most buzz. We will be watching the installs, download clicks, review scores, coverage on other sites, and more to see which app comes out on top.

Next week we will name the winning app, and then put it up against 10 new apps to repeat the process.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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