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WSJ: Multiple Nexus devices from different manufacturers by Thanksgiving


A report out of the Wall Street Journal has us thinking differently about the Nexus program. According to the report, Google may be going all-in on their new Nexus strategy, partnering with not one, but multiple OEMs on Nexus devices that Google would sell directly to customers similar to its recent Galaxy Nexus offering. Google hopes to have a full portfolio of devices available by Thanksgiving, and is working on giving multiple OEM partners early access to the next version of Android, currently codenamed Jelly Bean.

This marks a stark change from Google’s previous strategy, where Google exclusively partnered with one key manufacturer to provide the flagship device for its latest OS. Sources for The Wall Street Journal believe this strategy is being taken to provide Google with greater control over the operating system and apps that run on it, thus reducing the impacts wireless carriers have over devices. We assume this will be because the Nexus devices will launch with stock Android, as opposed to the custom skins manufacturers are keen on putting on their devices.

Many are speculating that the move is a response to appease manufacturers concerned with Google’s acquisition of Motorola and what that means for the rest of the Android industry. Taking the potential for Google to play favorites off the table will likely persuade these manufacturers to keep producing and innovating with Android devices.

This story is obviously developing, and Google was unavailable for comment at the time the WSJ story went live. We’ve reached out to Google as well, and will update you as we learn more of the expanded Nexus line rumored for later this year.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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