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Google’s upcoming 3D maps are stunning

3D Google Earth maps

Google Earth has always been impressive. The amount of time and resources it takes to create an accurate, interactive map of the globe is far beyond the grasp of most companies. But Google has taken the challenge head-on. With the new 3D maps Google has revealed at their maps event today, they’ll be taking that challenge to the next level.

Created by using entirely automated technology, Google’s new 3D maps are breathtaking. By using a fleet of planes, Google has been able to capture aerial images at a 45-degree angle, from several different angles, autonomously lacing them together to paint an accurate 3D model of the world around you.

While it wasn’t revealed exactly when Google’s new 3D mapping technology would be made available to the public, it should be coming soon. Whether or not 3D mapping will come to Google maps, and not just Google Earth, is still unclear. From what we’ve gathered, it will be available in Google Earth only, at least initially. Whenever Google Earth with enhanced 3D drops, look for it on both Android and iOS.

What do you think of Google’s new 3D maps? Just a gimmick, hardly worth its own press event, or will it change the way we interact with maps from this point forward?

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