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Atmo available now, bringing real-time multiplayer space combat to Android


We just wrapped up the weekend beta contest for Atmo which saw Neil Lund do some serious damage to the competition ending with more than double the total of his nearest opponent. So congratulations to Neil on his new tablet and thanks to everyone that participated and contributed your feedback.

The good news for everyone is that the game has now officially been released into Google Play and has even already incorporated some of the changes you requested.

For those that didn’t participate in the beta, Atmo is a real-time multiplayer space combat game which centers around a capture the flag style objective. You and your teammate must destroy your opponents capsules to find their flag and then return it to your goal while also defending your own flag and vaporizing your enemies should the vile scum try to make off with your flag.

The 3D graphics are well done and the game runs smoothly on my Galaxy Nexus. The heads up display keeps you aware of where everything is at any given moment which keeps you from getting lost in what is a fairly open world.

I highly recommend starting with the tutorial, it takes all of 45 seconds, but it gives you a quick primer on all the controls and the objects in the game. Quick warning that it puts you directly into a live game once you complete the tutorial, so be ready. And another pro tip, you can just hold down the fire button to maintain a steady stream of lasers heading toward ships, capsules and whatever else may be foolish enough to get in your way.

If you just want to jump in and play that can be done, but if you want your score to track over time then you need to login using your Facebook credentials. In a future update this will be leveraged to help pair you with your Facebook friends that have the game.

Speaking of updates, the Door 6 team has quite a few plans for Atmo beyond what is available today. They will soon be bringing in a ranking system which will also introduce a leveling mechanic and achievement rewards. For those of you with friends carrying an iOS device the game will also launch on their App Store soon and will allow you to play with them as well.

Further down the line they will be adding numerous ship customization options which will vary from improving aspects of your ship’s performance to introducing additional weaponry like autonomous drones. Long term they also want to expand from the capture the flag concept and open the world up for exploration.

They are looking at the ship upgrades as one potential monetization source for the game with in-app purchases if players don’t want to wait to earn the upgrades in game. They may also introduce a paid version of the game which would bring with it some special ships or power ups.

Atmo is available for free in Google Play right now so go ahead and download it below to get in on the action and let us know what you think.


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