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Google’s Nexus Tablet headed to San Francisco for I/O unveiling

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With Google I/O right around a week away now, you’d have to figure that if the Google Nexus 7 were to make an appearance at the conference, it must have already gone into production, right? Maybe even already shipped out to San Francisco? If Digitimes is right, which is a big if indeed, then that just might be the case.

Digitimes is reporting today that Google’s 7-inch Nexus tablet, rumored to be called the Nexus 7, is already being shipped to San Francisco in preparation for Google I/O. Although Digitimes’ track record with rumors isn’t the greatest, since we’ve already seen sample pictures from the Nexus 7 surface online, we’re inclined to believe this one.

So what else does Digitimes have to say about the Nexus 7? They say it will be priced around $199 (we’ve definitely heard that before), will be missing a rear facing camera in order to keep the price down, come pre-loaded with Google Chrome as the default browser and rocking WiFi only.

Are you excited for the Google Nexus 7? We certainly are. Hopefully Google will break out some sort of special announcement to go along with their Nexus tablet that really makes it desirable. Something Majel related, perhaps?

Via: DroidLife

Source: Digitimes

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