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Final Fantasy for Android now available on Google Play for $6.99


Four weeks after the Google Play launch of Final Fantasy III, Square Enix has now released “the Final Fantasy that started it all!” Final Fantasy for Android allows you to relive the amazing game which paved the way for at least a dozen more Final Fantasy titles over a 25 year history. The graphics may not be as good as Shadow Gun, The Dark Knight Rises, or Angry Birds, but the turn-based battles and compelling story line of Final Fantasy guarantee hours of nostalgic entertainment.

The 46.39MB download does require Android 2.1 and does cost more than most Android games. The $6.99 price tag may seem steep to most, but we’re sure Square Enix will still be able to sell quite a few copies of the game since the $15.99 priced Final Fantasy III has racked up nearly 100,000 sales in less than a month.

We know most Android users prefer cheap or free games, but is $6.99 a fair price for a classic RPG game like Final Fantasy?

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Source: Google Play

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