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Dead Trigger coming to the Play Store today (update: tomorrow) for $0.99


Madfinger Games, the company that brought us the likes of Shadowgun, have announced that Dead Trigger will be finally making its way to the Google Play Store today tomorrow, July 3rd. Dead Trigger is a zombie-blasting first person shooter game that has you as a gun-toting survivor hellbent on staying alive with your group of newly-found comrades. Of course, Dead Trigger continues the partnership with NVIDIA, and has been optimized to provide killer graphics on Tegra 3 powered devices.

Dead Trigger is a mission-based system, where each level takes you anywhere from 2-10 minutes, perfect for picking up when you have a minimal amount of spare time. Each mission has you either killing all the zombies in an area, retrieving/collecting items and bringing them to an evac point, or holding a location for a period of time.

As you progress, you’ll be able to upgrade weapons and items using money and gold you accumulate, both of which can be had via an in-app purchase if you want the most firepower early in the game. Weapons and items unlock for purchase as you progress in level, similar to most first-person-shooter games out there.

We will bring you additional impressions of Dead Trigger once we’re able to get our hands on it for a prolonged period of time. Suffice it to say that this game is a steal for $0.99. If you like Zombie games, you simply owe it to yourself to pick up the latest from Madfinger Games when it launches on the Play Store tomorrow.

Note: The following market link will go live when the game does.


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