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NVIDIA announces support for Miracast wireless display


Today NVIDIA announced they will embrace the upcoming Miracast open standard for wireless displays. Over the next few months we should see the Wi-Fi Alliance finalize its certification program and then we should see Miracast support rolling out to various Android devices by the end of the year.

Miracast make use of a Wi-Fi connection to deliver audio and video content from one device to another, without cables or a connection to an existing Wi-Fi network. Pretty much any of the current crop of Android devices could potentially see Miracast support, but they will need to receive a software update to enable it.

Previously, we have seen Qualcomm announce Miracast support for devices powered by their Snapdragon S4 chips and Texas Instruments has said they will support it on their OMAP4 and upcoming OMAP5 chips.

Current HDTVs and other displays will be able to directly connect to Miracast devices with the addition of small dongle that plugs into a HDMI port. We expect most of these dongles will retail for $80-100, but prices should dip to as low as $50 once the Miracast standard gains popularity.

Google has not announced native Android support for Miracast, but I expect it will be included in the next release of Android (Key Lime Pie). Android 4.x already has support for Wi-Fi Direct, which Miracast builds on.

Check out the video below to see an early Miracast demo from NVIDIA. They also released a whitepaper (pdf) that details the benefits of their Miracast architecture.

Source: NVIDIA

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