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Samsung Galaxy S III clears the 10 million mark in just under two months


Given the massive number of pre-orders and constantly shifting U.S. release dates attributed to overwhelming demand it comes as no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S III has managed to eclipse 10 million devices sold in just two months, fully three months faster than its predecessor.

The president of Samsung’s mobile communication division, Shin Jong-Kyun, confirmed that more than 10 million Galaxy S IIIs had been sold, but did not give an exact number or specify whether this was devices sold to consumers or retailers. Regardless it’s safe to say that the launch has been a rousing success. It’s also worth noting that the Olympics are starting next week and the Galaxy S III is due to get a lot of face time throughout which should lead to another sales boost worldwide.

As you can tell from our review of the Verizon variant we were pretty much blown away by every aspect of the device so it’s not shocking to see it doing so well with consumers.

For those of you that count yourselves among the 10 million that have picked up a Galaxy S III thus far what do you think of the device after having a little time with it now? And not to leave anyone out, if you haven’t picked up a Galaxy S III are you still thinking about it or is it missing something that you are holding out for?

Via: The Verge

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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