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Facebook employees forced to use Android so they’ll see how bad app really is


While the iOS version of Facebook may have gotten a much improved native app today, Android users are still stuck with an abomination of an app. There are constant complaints over just how terrible the Android app is, and what’s worse, Facebook knows it. So just how do they plan on fixing it? By forcing employees to eat their own dog food.

There’s an old term used in the tech-sector known as “dogfooding.” In the software business, it applies to the employees of a company using their own products to examine the user experience. According to Business Insider, who has talked with “a handful of ex-Facebookers and others familiar with Facebook’s plans,” that’s exactly what Facebook is doing in order to improve their Android app.

Facebook employees are being pushed, or forced in some situations, to use Android devices simply because the Android app is terrible. Facebook figures that if developers have to use the Android app, they’ll realize just how bad it really is and work to make something they themselves would want to use. This is absolutely brilliant.

If having to experience how atrociously slow and error-prone the Facebook Android app is day in and day out doesn’t force Facebook employees to come up with something better, I can’t imagine what will.

Source: Business Insider

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