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Android Gaming Weekly: Wild Blood, Eternity Warriors 2, Avengers, Funky Smugglers


Welcome back to the return of our regular column Android Gaming Weekly, where we recap all the new releases and highlights every Wednesday. We post small bits throughout the week related to Android games, but readers have requested a condensed summary that makes it easier to keep up with all the latest news. Read on for this week’s best in Android gaming.

Top 10 New Android Games This Week


Developer says: “The battle for Northern Udar rages on! It’s been 100 years since the First Demon War tore the land apart. Thanks to the Eternity Warriors the demon threat was held at bay. However the demons have been consolidating their power in a series of Demon Towers built in locations throughout Northern Udar.”

Taylor says: Looks like a must download for fans of dungeon crawls. Includes online co-op multiplayer and it’s free to play.



Developer says: “Get ready to recall the ride of your life! Discover the new Total Recall game that comes out of the original movie. In the first episode of the game, Doug brings us through planet Mars. Help him discover the 10 hidden secrets to accomplish this first mission.”

Taylor says: I liked the original movie, but I’m not sure about handing over $2 to check out this game.



Developer says: “For centuries the Pebbles lived in peace. They farmed their loved flowers, which they ate with great appetite. But that was then, before the monsters came. Now they are neurotic and constantly chased by the soot-lump creatures who love Pebble-meat more than anything else. And the monsters have a great advantage. With their great horror instil xray-eye, they see through the Pebbles stone camouflage, and they can’t protect themselves against attacks. Until now!”

Taylor says: Highly touted iOS games finally comes to Android. Reviews have been good and I like physics-based games, so I’m installing this right now.



Developer says: “Tick-tock. Beat the clock! Get a full BOGGLE experience for FREE on Android! Find F-U-N for FREE! Test your way with words on Android with the BOGGLE game, the all-time favorite word search!”

Taylor says: Free to play, or remove the ads at a low price. Challenge up to 4 friends via Facebook or Pass ‘N Play.



Developer says: “Run, dodge and cut through hordes of enemies and skilled bosses. They attacked your village. Many are slain. Many are taken. You must run after them, don’t let them stop you, and free your friends and family. Make your way through 30 levels including 3 boss fights in the full version of this beautifully painted samurai sword fighting and running game.”

Taylor says: I downloaded this when it was featured on Google Play and was not impressed by the controls. A recent update was said to fix that, but I haven’t given it a second chance yet.



Developer says: “Magic Academy is a fascinating hidden object puzzle adventure game that mixes hidden object hunts with mini-games. It was developed by a team of professionals including: script writers, artists, and real-life wizards, who created a unique, magical setting. Together they created mysterious game play and the magical aura of Tirisfal Fortress and Magic Academy.”

Taylor says: I’m not a big fan of these games, but Nevosoft keeps cranking them out so there must be an audience. The game is free to play for the first couple of puzzles and then you must pay to unlock the full adventure.



Developer says: “Armorslays sends hundreds of bosses and their minions to threaten your front lines, your seabase and jungle territory. You are completely on your own! It is lucky that you are a survivor, a robot who bears several weapons and has the ability to fight on land and sea.”

Taylor says: Claims to be the No. 2 action game in Asia, with over 500,000 players. It’s free and lets you create your own robot, so it could be worth a shot.


4×4 SAFARI 2

Developer says: “Hunting in and out of jeep. Dangerous predators where you become the hunted.”

Taylor says: Could be a sleeper hit for hunting fans. Drive a 4×4 around the African safari and hunt giraffe, elephant, lion, zebra, rhino, reedbuck, monkey, wildebeest, lioness, meerkat and crocodile.



Developer says: “Have you seen the puppies? Find the lost dog babies and free them from their prison! Go on a great adventure and solve mind-bending puzzles in a colourful cartoon world populated by cats and dogs!”

Taylor says: Watch the trailer and tell me this doesn’t look like a fun puzzle game.



Developer says: “Test your strategy, speed and reflexes as you try to evade the obstacles in this new, challenging game. Your goal: get the red and blue boxes to the opposite corners of the screen without hitting any obstacles along the way.”

Taylor says: This game looks hard! If you love a challenge, then get this free game.


Android Games Coming Soon


Gameloft’s first title to use the Unreal Engine 3 is coming soon and this week they released the first gameplay trailer. We still don’t know a lot about Wild Blood, but the new teaser video reveals coins dropping from defeated enemies which leads me to believe this will be a freemium title.


This week Marvel XP posted a teaser video of an upcoming game on their Facebook page. Not many details were released, but clues in the video indicate this could be a mobile port of the desktop game Avengers Alliance.


One of the highest rated football games is back again with its yearly update. Gameloft hasn’t shared many details yet, but tells us it is coming soon to Android. Check out Real Football 2012 if you haven’t played it yet.


Gameloft is planning to release a new update to Order & Chaos Online that includes Player vs Player (PvP) battles. We expect the update to come to iOS this week and come to Android at a later date.


One of our new favorite developers, 11 Bit Studios, has another game headed to Android soon. Funky Smugglers puts you in control of the X-Ray scanner to check clothes and luggage for wacky contraband. Enjoy a funky 70s-style soundtrack while keeping the airport safe from hammers, scissors, and other illegal goods.


PocketGamerUK posted a new teaser trailer for The Respawnables, a Team Fortress 2-esque third-person shooter from Digital Legends. The game is “coming soon” to Android, but no release date has been given.

Games I’m currently playing

Asphlat 7: Heat: I’ve been working on a list of Top 10 Racing Games, so I went back and played a lot of the classics. I finally got around to the new Asphalt 7 and I love it so far. This is easily the best racing game available for Android.


What Android games are you playing?

Find any great new Android games this week? Share your favorites in the comments below so we can check them out.

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