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Ask the founder of the OUYA game console anything


Nearly 50,000 people have already backed the Android-powered OUYA game console, but you still have seven days left if you want to pledge $99 and get a system and controller at launch. The affordable little console boasts a growing list of features like a Tegra 3 processor, support for OnLive, VEVO, and, games from Square Enix and other developers, and it will be very hacker friendly.

I’m a sucker for Kickstarter projects and I think OUYA has real potential as a budget console, so I went ahead and pledged. If you are still unsure about the device, make sure you head over to reddit this afternoon at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET) where the founder Julie Uhrman will be answering questions from fans.

Get your limited edition OUYA console during the last week of Kickstarter funding.

During the last week of funding OUYA will offer a special limited edition console and controller that feature a brown brushed metal finish. In order to cover the small production run, this limited edition console and controller will be priced at $140.

Unfortunately the estimated ship date for OUYA is not till March 2013, but the extra time will allow them to build up their launch titles. Head over to the  Kickstarter project page for additional details.

Let us know if you already pledged to OUYA in the comments below.

Source: reddit

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