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Cher Wang claims Android camp is not defeated, HTC will not settle with Apple


Despite Apple’s victory over Samsung last week, new comments from HTC’s chairwoman, Cher Wang, suggest that the company has no intention of settling with Apple. Apple and Samsung have accused each other of infringing on multiple utility and system patents, but HTC has not been accused of copying any of Apple’s design patents, which proved to be a major setback for Samsung.

“Samsung’s defeat does not mean that Google Inc’s Android camp is defeated,” Cher Wang explained before this week’s APEC Business Advisory Council meeting. She later added that “every company has good innovations,” suggesting that HTC  is confident that Apple is infringing on some of HTC’s intellectual property.

Apple does have the upper hand in the HTC versus Apple case, since the ITC did find that HTC was infringing on at least one of Apple’s patents. The ITC decision did lead to an import ban on HTC products, which was quickly resolved with a software patch. At this point it’s not clear who will come out on top, but we feel HTC is in a much better position than Samsung was at the start of its trial.

Do you think HTC should settle its patent disputes with Apple out of court, or should they let their fate be decided by a jury?

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