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Hisense and Samsung tune in to Google TV


Google TV has struggled to gain adoption in consumer’s living rooms, but it’s one of my favorite Android powered platforms and I believe it still has huge potential left. VIZIO recently started selling the $99 Co-Star and this week Hisense and Samsung both announced they would offer Google TV products later this year.

The Hisense Pulse is a small Google TV box, very similar to the Co-Star in design. It features the same connectivity options, including HDMI input and output, USB, Ethernet and built-in Wi-Fi, and is expected to debut in mid-November for “under $99.” I can’t really see any advantages that the Pulse offers over the Co-Star, but we have yet to review either device.

Update your TV every year with the Smart Evolution Kit.

Next we had Samsung announce their Smart TV with Google TV at IFA 2012. Normally I wouldn’t recommend a TV with Google TV already baked in, but Samsung’s offering includes their Smart Evolution Kit. This allows you upgrade your Smart Evolution enabled TV without having to replace the whole set. Just purchase a new Evolution Kit each year and it will include a faster processor and the latest technology.

If you have been on the fence about purchasing a Google TV device, what is holding you back?

Source: Google TV Blog

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