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Day 5: Final chance to grab some Android apps for $0.25


It’s the final day of Google’s huge 25 billion downloads celebration and that means a fresh lineup of top Android apps is on sale for only $0.25. Our top picks for Day 5 include Horn, Dark Knight Rises, Nova Launcher, and Great Big War Game. . Let us know which apps you purchased in the comments below.















Source: Google Play

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  • kwills88

    While the offerings wasnt as great as past sales, today’s class of apps are a great steal



    Btw, Taylor, have you been playing batman? if so, does IAP make it difficult to enjoy?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I playbed Batman but only the first couple of levels. Gameloft didn’t do a very good job of optimizing it for the Nexus 7, so I grew bored of it quickly.

  • Dirge

    Sucks Horn isn’t compatible with the Galaxy Nexus. :(

  • Tarwin

    I’m personally buying several (in part because you say it’s the last day, too bad it’s not 25 cents for 25 days…):

    Nova app launcher
    Smart Tools (mostly because individually you can see the apps go for about a dollar for a total of five dollars vs. 25 cents, so I’ll see if they’re of any use)
    Spy Mouse (for the kids who play with my tablet when I leave them alone with it =P )
    Haunted House (tomorrow’s the first day of October so I figure why not)
    War game
    and finally Scramble

    I would buy Horn if it weren’t a Tegra exclusive. It’ll most likely stop being an exclusive eventually but unfortunately as well all well know the market only lets you buy for your current device(s). No ability to take advantage of a sale in the hopes that it becomes compatible via an update, or because you’ll be buying a new device which is compatible in a few weeks. I really wish that the incompatible thing was just a warning where you could sign away your rights to complain (and maybe even the rights to a refund as you obviously won’t be able to try it in 15 minutes).

    Kinda wish I hadn’t missed out on the first two days (Google Wallet refuses to work well with my normal card so I’m using a pre-paid credit card which I didn’t have the chance to top off to fully take advantage of the sale until the fourth day. I really wish I had been able to buy some of the apps from day 1 and 2 :(

    • Remo1

      Haunted House HD is tight, and tons customizable! Its fu#%$$ing killer.

  • MariaFL

    Firesale. Is google out of money???

    • Remo1

      Google has specials like this, they just celebrated like 25 billion downloaded apps or something. I also bought Battle Los Angeles for $5 bucks.

  • YMS123

    Blasted exclusivity, I want to buy Horn….I even tried to edit my build.prop to make the market think I had a Nexus 7, it didn’t work and now my phone won’t boot (I gotta fix that now) I wish I new some one with a Tegra 3 device to add temporarily add my account, …..maybe you Taylor?

    • Tripstah Jones

      Nexus 7 settings (works for tablets, otherwise you may have to set your profile for a tablet too):

      ro.product.model=Nexus 7

  • cthonctic

    I’d definitely be getting Nova Prime if I hadn’t been using it for the last six months already. Great custom launcher for sure.

    Still, purchased Tools Pro because you never know when that stuff might come in handy.

    • cthonctic

      Oh, and I would also have gotten Horn if Play would let me. I am planning to get a Nexus 7 in the next few weeks but since my Galaxy Nexus is deemed “incompatible” I am not allowed to give them money to purchase said app without installing it immediately.

      Google, please fix that asap!

      • Tripstah Jones

        You can get Horn if you edit your build.prop file and spoof a Nexus 7. Make sure you’ve rooted your phone, download a build.prop editor (or a file system explorer and go to /system), and change your settings to:

        ro.product.model=Nexus 7

        Reboot your phone, open Google Play, and it’ll let you download Horn now. This works on tablets, but if you’re modifying a phone you may need to change the profile to laptop too.

  • Nathan D.

    Horn on the list, but it came out not to long ago. Either way, it a great steal.

  • Remo1

    Haunted HD live wallpaper is awesome!! Take my word for it. And of course it is live wallpaper, battery issues, none the less must by, im’a show it off at work tomorrow…

  • ketan

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  • lrq

    not access in the most part of the world,TT

    google need to take strength on pushing G Play Paid accessable