1. Crossing my fingers…

  2. Whoohoo top eight!! Never won anything though…. *wink wink*

  3. Tried to leave a comment before, but didn’t work for some reason… so here it is. I broke my Galaxy Nexus :( and am stuck using a 4 year old Nokia E71, which has made me appreciate the power of Android so much… I miss ‘owning’ my phone from kernel to launcher!

  4. I’m just holding tight for the new HTC line.. “Can’t Wait!!!”

  5. So, I just got a One S, but I definitely wouldn’t mind a One X as well!

  6. Get me into an android. My iphone has lived out its days and i want a phone to match my tablet.

  7. I want this phone so badly!!

  8. Lurking for a few years now, I should have signed up when I found aam on my g1.

  9. Can the One X be activated on T-Mobile?

  10. OOOHH! OOHH! pick me pick me! :) pretty please with sugar on top ;-)

  11. I think this is a cool idea! Let’s have some fun with it!

  12. Oooo. This would surely be a nice camera upgrade to my current Galaxy Nexus!

  13. Sweet, need me a new phone!

  14. Maybe a switch to ATT for such a nice phone?…maybe

  15. Now thats how you keep your users happy. :P

  16. Had always meant to register – chance of a free phone as good a reason as any!

  17. Time to get my fingers crossed, I think! Yay for a competition I actually get around to entering! :P

  18. C’mon, I’m using a Pantech Crossover. I have to get a new phone to replace this dog. ;-}

  19. I’d love One… lol, get it?

  20. Love to win this…..

  21. Still sporting a HTC Hero….I’m ready for something new.
    Wish me luck

  22. The amount of work put into this website amazes me. It really shows in the quality of new features and, of coarse, the articles. Hands down my favorite blog.

    Good luck to all!

  23. I love my Samsung Galaxy Nexus but I can’t really pass up a free upgrade :)

  24. As more and more new phones come out and JB is nowhere near I stopped liking my Atrix yet it got me into the list. Go atrix! :)

  25. I’d love to win a One X! Fingers crossed!

  26. Thank you for the opportunity to win these great prizes!

  27. Fingers crossed for my First Win here….

  28. I’d love to upgrade my phone!!

  29. Ooo i desperately need a new phone

  30. Is it wierd that I keep trying although I know that I won’t win anything?

  31. Well it help to say please?

  32. Holding my breath. Hoping for one to replace my daughters Atrix. Please help her out before she joins the “Dark side” of rotten fruit. It’s like hearing her say “Dad, I’m gonna start shooting dope” when she says she is thinking of jumping ship because her phone is a POS.

  33. I’ve always preferred an unlocked phone.

  34. woot woot me! me! me! :D, i cracked my GSII this summer :( i need a new phone

  35. Woot Woot I’m on 2 leader boards??!!

  36. Hmmmm…. good luck everyone!

  37. I’ve been eyeing this phone for a while!!

  38. Please please please! I need to replace my very old Desire ….

  39. hot damn…. i would love to rock the one x as my daily driver.

  40. I will win a contest on this site one day.

  41. May the odds be ever in my favor.

  42. I did this like on the first day! Does the early bird get the worm..er….oneX? Let’s wait and watch :D

  43. Would <3 to be WINNING this!

  44. sporting HTC Sensation so time for an upgrade

  45. What other leader boards are in the works? Top Nexus board? Top rooted board? Looking forward to what’s to come.

  46. I’ll give it away if I get it…IF

  47. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. All set and ready to go!

  49. Great incentive to add those settings, please let me win :-)

  50. Profile has been updated. Operation Score One X has commenced.

  51. :D i hope i have a chance

  52. Here goes nothing… I never win anything but eh… :(

  53. I am a proud supporter of the Asus legacy!

    Inspiring Innovation.
    Persistent Perfection.

    Oh boy gotta love them~!! <3 =^w^=

  54. I need one too.. to compare with the top selling ones

  55. Spiffy new feature! Congrats to the winner.

  56. The “one” phone that has tempted me to not wait for the next Nexus release. Congrats to the winner!


  58. I can’t wait to be the One to win this.

  59. It’s not the rumored superphone but it sure beats my current Droid!

  60. I would be thrilled to win…good luck to all!

  61. I would love a new phone. My HTC sensation just doesnt have the sparkle anymore.

  62. Thanks again Androidandme. I would love to try this phone on tmo! Can’t go wrong with HTC.

  63. Daddy needs a New Phone!!

  64. i’m in. not feeling very lucky though…..

  65. I’m right here! Pick me!

  66. Hooray for another contest. Hopefully I get lucky and win!

    I really like how your contests aren’t US only. It really makes me sad when I visit other websites who happy to make ad revenue off me, even though I don’t live in the United States, but never willing to speak to their lawyers about having a contest that is open to users from other countries.

  67. Would love a new HTC phone. The One X rocks!

  68. Very cool!! Would love to have that phone!

  69. Time to ditch the Inspire….

  70. I’d love to win this HTC. Might be a nice change from Samsung for a while.

  71. I’ll throw a chip in.

  72. My poor phone is on it’s death bed, could really use this A&M!

  73. Awe man i’d love a one X xD

  74. How sweet would it be if I actually won an unlocked One X… I would take my brothers iPhone 4S, smash it on the pavement, give him the One X and show him what a real smartphone should be!!!

  75. This would be a fun phone to have!!!

  76. I currently have an AT&T locked One X and I love it but am frustrated by AT&T locking me out of rooting (have firmware 2.20) so would love to have a ‘real’ One X :)

  77. oh man another phone i hope you all got your luck pulled together cause its time to win a phoen good luck to everyone.

  78. This would save me having to replace the screen on my Moto Atrix 4G, and helpful as I’m starting a new job with a Google Apps/Salesforce consulting firm…

  79. Give me the Android phone.
    Need an upgrade

  80. Pick ME pick ME!!! =D

  81. WOOOOO. Thanks for the opportunity

  82. Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

  83. Love this site. Love HTC.

  84. this would be awesome!

  85. Pop me in the bucket!

  86. I’ll await the announcement.

  87. sweet it up with the one X… yes pleeeease!

  88. hoping for a win!!!

  89. ready to rock and roll

  90. I’ve been rocking Team Samsung for a while now. But have problem testing out TMO’s upcoming rollout of the 1900MHz band on an ATT phone. The One X is quite stellar. I’m in.

  91. This is a comment. Thanks for reading.

  92. Fantastic blog! I like my HTC Sensation, but would love an HTC One X courtesy of Android and Me.

  93. Hope I can upgrade my phone with broken LCD with this wonderful HTC One X thanks Android and Me :)

  94. Signed up for this. And it is my birthday on Sunday :-)

  95. Oh!! Count me in please!!

  96. This would be awesome to win. From the first day I saw the One X, I thought it was one of the most beautiful phones on the market. Thanks for the great contest.

  97. Count me in!

    // On a sidenote, how can you not have Nokia in the list of favourite manufacturers?
    I know they don’t digg android, but… it’s my favourite manufacturer alongside Sony(Ericsson).

  98. Give some htc one x lovin’

  99. Please, me to win.

  100. I’ll take one in white please.

  101. A second phone I can use to help out the community with? Sign me up.

  102. awesome! samsung all the way

  103. Thanks for another cool contest Android and Me, as well good luck to everyone who enters!

  104. I’ve been trying to get my mom into smartphones, this would be an awesome start!

  105. would love a new phone…twould be great

  106. Well, here goes nothing…

  107. I would love an HTC One X!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  108. would love to try this phone out on a straight talk sim. See how the service is so I can see if I want to make the jump from VZW to a pre paid account on ATT or VZW… Winning this phone would give me the perfect chance to give this a roll.

  109. If I do win I will have to go out and get a sim card as I left TMO and went to Verizon. Hmmmm.

  110. Wow I really want to win this, would make my month and be awesome for school :)

  111. The irony is I need an unlocked phone in order to switch to T-Mobile….

  112. Thanks a lot for this! Good luck to everyone!

  113. Thanks at Androidandme. Good luck.

  114. Please let me win, I really want an HTC one X.

  115. Finger’s crossed. ;)

  116. Cracked my HTC Amaze recently, so a replacement would be much appreciated!

  117. my inspire is looking long in the tooth. the one x would be sweet

  118. upgrade from nexus one? :D

  119. No Dutch carriers to choose from. So I had to go with “Other”. I would love to see the 3 main carriers of the Netherlands in the list: KPN, Vodafone, T-mobile.

  120. I’d like one of those. :) my htc one s has just been destroyed by my 4yr old.

  121. i neeed and adroid phone

  122. Thank you for this great giveaway…Androidandme is awesome!

  123. Nice giveaway. Thanks, Android And Me!

  124. I would be really grateful to win!!

  125. I’m using a G1. Please for the love of all things holy make this end.

  126. You guys always have great giveaways and sponsers, best of luck to everyone. Have to agree that the One X is to under promoted, it’s a fantastic device.

  127. I sure could use this new phone!

  128. My dream is get this device … I hope to be achieved in this competition!

  129. I’d love a free phone!

  130. I’m shocked to be in the top 5 for Motorola. I guess that just means that Motorola doesn’t have a lot of users on here.

  131. I would really like to win this one, please I need a new phone. I seem to wear my phones out rather quickly, must be all my heavy use I guess.

  132. Good luck to everyone.

  133. i could really use a new phone LOL

  134. Good luck to everybody!

    And yay for being #4 on T-Mobile!! :-D

  135. I love HTC and my life would be much better with the One X!

  136. Pick me, I needs this

  137. I need a new phone! I hope I win!!

  138. I really want this phone, pick me please!

  139. I’d REALLY love to win because I can never afford much, hence why I own a Defy (with CM10 ;) ). So It would really make my day to get a One X.

  140. Totally would be awesome to get the One X right when T-mobile changes their PCS spectrum to HSPA+!

  141. I hope that I’m not too late to have an entry in the contest.

  142. I’m probably too late, but LOOK, I’M #8 FOR ASUS FANS! SQUEEEE!

  143. It would be interesting to compare it to my S3.

  144. I can’t wait to see who wins

  145. Crossing my fingers and toes!

  146. Updated mine and standing patiently in line!

  147. Good luck everyone. Thank you Android and Me and Nvidia for the great contest

  148. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 but I want to get a HTC One X for my mum who’s using an archaic HTC that still runs on Froyo! D:

  149. Hope it’s not too late to participate in the reindeer games. Cheers.

  150. I never win, but thought I’d give it a try anyway. You never know… :P

  151. Not on the leaderboards, but I can still win, right?

  152. This is one of the most beautiful phones that has been designed so far.

  153. oh the things i could do with such a device.
    fingers crossed yo!

  154. I hope I win something. Pleeeeaaaaaasssseeee!

  155. Would love to win this awesome device!

  156. I love the One X, favorite phone after ultra secret, unannounced Sony Xperia Nexus Play… hehe if only.