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Motorola announces Android cloud computer for China


Today in China, Motorola revealed their new Android-powered CloudBB (HMC3260), which is being described as a “home entertainment terminal.” The device features an 18.5 inch touchscreen display paired with a wireless keyboard and mouse. China Digitial TV Media Group will market the device to their 13 million customers as a way to watch on-demand video, launch games and applications, and access other cloud-based entertainment services.

We don’t expect this product to be available in the US, but it could be a preview of what’s in store for future Android devices from Motorola.

Android can almost replace a PC, but the overall experience is not quite there. Google is working on multi-user support for shared devices and optimizing Android to run on faster hardware, and we think it’s only a mater of time before Google or Motorola release another all-in-one device. Motorola was one of the first companies to release a smartphone that could turn into a laptop or PC, but it never really took off.

We have asked the question many times, but what does Android need to offer if you are going to give up your desktop computer? Would you rather have an all-in-one desktop PC or a smartphone that could turn into a laptop, tablet or PC?


Source: Motorola

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