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Official: Motorola Droid RAZR HD, RAZR HD MAXX

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After months of rumors and leaks, Motorola has just officially unveiled the the Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR HD MAXX at their “On Display” event in New York City.

Touted as the most compact HD smartphone to date, the Droid RAZR HD comes rockin’ a 4.7-inch 720p display, 2500 mAh battery, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, NFC, access to Verizon’s LTE network and a custom version of Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Just like with the original Droid RAZR, there will also be a MAXX variant of the RAZR HD sporting identical specs, only with a larger battery. The Droid RAZR MAXX boasts 27 hours of music and 10 hours of video streaming over LTE and up to 21 hours continus talk time. Both the RAZR HD and MAXX variant will come with Chrome as the preinstalled browser and will be updated to Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, shortly. There will also be developer versions of both handsets with (relatively) easy to unlock bootloaders.

While the Droid variants of the RAZR HD and HD MAXX were the ones announced today, Motorola’s YouTube account shows international branded versions as well. Presumably, they’ll be launching with GSM instead of Verizon LTE.

As far as pricing and availability for the Droid RAZR HD and RAZR HD MAXX go, “before the holidays” was the only information given. We’ll be looking for more information on the Droid RAZR HD and RAZR HD MAXX as the day goes on.

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Source: Motorola

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