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AT&T launches new “affordable” pre-paid smartphone plan, cost more than everyone but Verizon


Today AT&T announced they were lowering the price of their GoPhone pre-paid smartphone plan to $65. This new rate plan includes unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and 1 GB of data. AT&T claims this new rate plan is affordable, but that’s only when you compare it to Verizon.

“As more of our prepaid customers choose smartphones, we wanted to offer them a rate plan that meets their needs while still being an excellent value,” said Judy Cavalieri, vice president — Voice and Prepaid Products, AT&T.  “We’re excited to offer this new option to our growing base of smartphone customers to give them a better smartphone experience while keeping their budget in check.”

Most pre-paid smartphone plans run in the neighborhood of $50 for “unlimited” everything, but they can be found for as low as $30 if you are willing to get less minutes. AT&T’s new GoPhone rate plan is a move in the right direction, but it is not competitive with other pre-paid offerings.

Current pre-paid smartphone plans include:

  • T-Mobile Monthly 4G: $30 for 100 mins, unlimited text, and 5 GB data
  • Straight Talk SIM: $45 for unlimited mins, unlimited text, and “unlimited” data
  • Solavei: $49 for unlimited mins, unlimited text, and 4 GB data
  • Simple Mobile: $50 for unlimited mins, unlimited text, and “unlimited” data
  • T-Mobile Monthly 4G: $60 for unlimited mins, unlimited text, and 2 GB data
  • AT&T: $65 for unlimited mins, unlimited text, and 1 GB data
  • Verizon: $80 for unlimited mins, unlimited text, and 1 GB data

I finally made the jump to pre-paid smartphone plans this year after I grew tired of carrier locked phones. I’ve been using unlocked Android phones on Straight Talk SIM and Solavei, and I don’t see any scenario that will entice me to sign a contract again.

If you like saving money and you want the next Nexus phone, this might be the time to shred your contract and move to pre-paid. We expect Google will offer the next Nexus as an unlocked GSM device, and it will pair nicely with a pre-paid plan. As we outlined in our recent buyers guide, unlocked phones are not for everyone, so research your decision before making any moves.

Source: AT&T

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