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Is this prototype the LG Nexus?


The first pictures of the LG Nexus might have appeared online. An LG prototype device with the codename Mako and model number E960 appeared on the xda-developers forum with a description that matches the Nexus profile. User stevebinh said the device runs on AT&T and T-Mobile, and he uploaded pics that show the device running a stock version of Android 4.1.2.

Some will point out that we expect the LG Nexus to ship with Android 4.2, and this device is on the older Android 4.1.2. However, the first report of this LG prototype device occurred back on September 20, two days after we reported that the LG Optimus G might become the next Nexus. It is possible that the pictures are a couple weeks old and newer devices are now running the Android 4.2 build that we have been seeing in our server logs.

A tipster sent us a hands-on report of the LG Nexus and said it featured a silver band around the display. That design feature does not appear to be present in these photos, and we have reached out to the original source of the hands-on report to see if he can confirm this is the same device.

Google is expected to reveal the LG Nexus device later this month, so we should find out if this is real soon enough. What do you think of this leaked design?

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Thank you Brandon for the tip.

Source: XDA-Developers

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