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LG Nexus to debut at $399?


We already know the LG Nexus might debut on October 29th, and now the latest rumors suggest the 8 GB version will retail for only $399. The best unlocked Android phones sell for $500-600, so the LG Nexus could be a great deal if you can get over the limited internal storage. We also expect Google will offer a 16 GB version of the device, and I’d guess it might sell for around $449.

The current Samsung Galaxy Nexus sells for $349, but the hardware is really starting to show its age. For an additional $50, you could get the best mobile processor (Snapdragon S4 Pro), best display (True HD IPS+), upgraded camera, new battery technology, and the latest version of Android.

Not everyone is happy LG Nexus’ limited storage options or design choices, but we still believe that this could be the best selling Nexus device to date. The demand for unlocked devices has been on the rise, and there are a ton of competitive pre-paid wireless plans starting at $30 per month for “unlimited” data.

Based on everything we know about the LG Nexus, would you buy one for $399?

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