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T-Mobile offers subscribers up to $250 to refer-a-friend


T-Mobile is once again ready to offer its subscribers some “easy money” with its refer-a-friend promotion. The program launched last year, and now T-Mobile is pushing it again in a new set of videos. T-Mobile says it’s users will “get $250 a year to share the benefits” of T-Mobile’s service. The earnings will be deposited into a “T-Mobile reward VISA prepaid card.”

If this approach sounds familiar, it follows a lot of the ideas around GiffGaff in the UK and Solavei, a new T-Mobile MVNO. Both companies offer pre-paid wireless service, let you bring your own device, and reward users with cash payments for sharing the service with their friends and family.

Current rewards include:

  • $25 when one of your referrals activates a 2-year contract
  • $15 when one of your referrals purchases $100 in refill value
  • $10 when one of your referrals purchases $60 in refill value

These rewards are not the best, but it’s better than nothing. T-Mobile has not advertised the program much until today, so we could see some changes on the way.

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Source: T-Mobile

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