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Facebook still working to get employees on Android, releases internal Rage Shake bug submission tool


Back in late August of this year, we brought you a story on how Facebook was forcing its employees to switch to Android in order to get them to see just how bad the app was. We’ve seen nary an improvement to the Android Facebook app since then, but Facebook isn’t giving up.

Techcrunch has been investigating just what’s going on inside Facebook. They were able to obtain some choice quotes from a Facebook spokesperson, along with some interesting propaganda-style posters promoting Android.

The campaign to get Facebook employees on Android devices is being called “Droidfooding.” A clever play on dogfooding, or using your own software, and Android. Since Facebook originally encouraged iPhone use, it’s now left making up ground when it comes to getting their employees on a wide variety of devices. Posters promoting the Droidfooding campaign now line the walls of Facebook, reminding employees that they can switch today and detailing sales projections that show Android OS dwarfing the iPhone.

So just how is the campaign working out? According to Facebook, there’s definitely progress being made: “We’ve created more awareness that Android devices are available … there’s plenty of people here carrying around both devices, and not just engineers and not just mobile people.”

Getting employees to use Android phones is just half the battle. The other half is getting those employees to submit bugs and maintain a steady flow of information. Facebook is using a “Rage Shake” feature in beta builds to help speed up the process. Employees simply need to shake their phone, usually in rage, and it submits all the essential details of what’s going on to the appropriate developers.

There’s no telling when Facebook’s Droidfooding efforts will finally pay off. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised a native Facebook client for Android was coming in the near future, but we haven’t heard much since the initial announcement. The more employees Facebook has using and testing Android software, the faster we’re likely to see that client. One thing’s for certain: it can’t come soon enough.

Source: Techcrunch

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