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Google Play begins shipping new Nexus devices to US


Initial reports claimed that Google might begin shipping out Nexus orders from the Play Store on the same day when they went on sale November 13th, but two days later a large chunk of orders have not been processed. Early this morning we received reports that some orders had shipped and UPS tracking numbers were sent out. We were able to confirm these reports when our Nexus 10 shipped, but we have a Nexus 4 purchase that is still listed as pending.

Google is shipping the orders with UPS 2nd Day Air, which means some devices could arrive on Friday, but most likely they will appear on Monday. Customers who ordered their Nexus 4 from T-Mobile were offered overnight shipping, so those orders could arrive as early as today.

Visit your Google Play account page to check your order status. If you are lucky enough to have your Nexus 4 shipped out, let us know when UPS is expected to deliver it. We are eagerly waiting to see when the first Google Play orders arrive.

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