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HTC One X Jelly Bean update rolling out in Europe, Asia, South America

1 year ago 307

The long overdue Android 4.1 update for the HTC One X is finally here. Users in Asia, Europe and South America are reporting that the update is available for unlocked HTC One X phones (CID_038 & CID_044). From what we can gather, the Android 4.1 update with HTC Sense 4+ is being pushed out in two separate parts: a smaller 1.25-1.6 MB file followed by the main 357-364 MB Android 4.1 update.

If you’re not sure which HTC One X you have, you can easily check by downloading a CID app from Google Play. If you have not already received the OTA update notification, you can try to manually ping HTC’s update servers by going to Settings > About > Software updates >Check now.


Unfortunately, there’s no indication that the Android 4.1 update with HTC Sense 4+, Google Now, Project Butter, offline text-to-speech and advanced notifications will be coming to carrier-branded HTC One Xs. Based on HTC’s track record, we should expect to see the update on carrier-branded phones in Europe starting in 1-2 weeks. AT&T customers will probably have at least another month before the update is released since their device is based on the HTC One XL which is powered by a dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor instead of the quad-core Tegra 3 chip found in the international HTC One X. .

If you’re one of the lucky owners of an unlocked HTC One X, let us know how you like your new Jelly Bean flavored Android update.