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Large number of Nexus 4 purchases moved to backorder, expected to ship within 3 weeks


We recently reported that some Nexus orders had started shipping from Google Play, but it appears a large number of Nexus 4 purchases have been moved to backorder and they are not expected to ship until three weeks. We received multiple reports within the last hour and confirmed this information when a Nexus 4 (16 GB) we had ordered was delayed.

Several readers reported their order was listed as complete or pending, with some expected to ship on November 15th, but it appears they will have to wait several weeks now. Google cites “overwhelming demand” as the cause of the delay and offers to refund shipping charges when the item is available. Customers can also cancel their order, but there aren’t many other options to get one.

T-Mobile stores are also sold out of the device. Only select locations received them and the first batch of units was small. I found only one T-Mobile store in the Dallas area that had received the device, and they were only sent five total units.

Nexus phones have never sold that well, so we are not sure if there really is a high demand or if Google only produced a small amount. Last year’s Galaxy Nexus launch on Verizon was pretty bad, but I have faith that Google can top that.

Consider yourself lucky if your Nexus 4 shipped.

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