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Ho ho holy crap, it’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m taking about the 25 magical days in December when we pair with @NVIDIATegra to bring you a device giveaway every day til Christmas.

Here’s how it works: starting today, we’ll post a new challenge daily. To play, you’ll need to be a registered user. If you haven’t joined yet, do so now. It’s free and awesome and you can win stuff. You can keep track of the whole shebang over on the 25 Days of Tegra page. Since this is day one, our first challenge is going to be mad easy.

To enter to win today, all you’ve gotta do is leave a comment below. Of course, to do so, you’ll need to be logged in, but if you can’t clear that hurdle, you might as well just go home now. And what are we playing for?

The Prize: ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 + Dock

The ASUS TF201 features the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, a 10.1-inch WXGA Super IPS+ display (with Gorilla Glass), an 8MP rear camera, 12 hour battery life, and we’re throwing in the matching QWERTY dock (which gives you another 6 hours battery life).

Contest Rules

It’s a holiday miracle! This year we’ve expanded our eligible countries to include the following: US (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India (excluding the State of Tamil Nadu), and Brazil. If you’re keeping track, that’s like quadruple the locales we normally ship to, so huzzah!

How to Enter

Like I said above, for Day 1 we’re going to make it super easy for you. Simply leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win. You’ll need to be a registered user and you’ll need to be logged in. Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be entered once. The winner will be chosen at random, so don’t bother downvoting each other.

If you want to win more awesome stuff, keep an eye on the 25 Days of Tegra page. Or head over to Twitter and give a shoutout to @NVIDIATegra so they’ll keep us flush with prizes.

Winner: vforvortex

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  1. its the most wonderful time of the year! Androidandme giveaways!

  2. Awesome tablet being given away? Me gusta mas!

  3. Good luck everybody!

  4. Awesome android giveaway yet again chaps, Good luck ;).

  5. would love one. looks totally cool.

  6. Loooove the way the Prime looks. She purty.

  7. Prime for all… but I would prefer for me. ;)

  8. It’s December baby!

  9. Screw power ball, this is my kind of gambling.

  10. Love to win this! What a beautiful machine. Great giveaway thanks

  11. *insert witty comment about how much I want the tablet here*

  12. Had to rejigger passwords and everything to get to make this comment. Pick me and make it worth my time.

  13. Awesome! Good luck everyone.

  14. Sweet! Would love to win. Merry Christmas and peace on earth.

  15. Not bad. I’m in on this one.

  16. Holy crap, let it come my way!

  17. The Prime is a very handsome device :)

  18. Good Luck Everyone!

  19. It’s the most wonderful time of the year to be an Android fan at androidandme.

  20. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Everybody in a giving mood…except for me. I’d rather be in a receiving mood, especially if I were to win.

  21. Maybe finally get my hands on one of these devices! Super time of year.

  22. Awesome my touch pad still sucks after I hack it

  23. This is the only part of the holidays I like. :-)

  24. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  25. Woow !! I’ve always dreamt about having a tablet !! They don’t sell tablets in my country, so it is a chance for me to win one :)
    Thanks for the contest and good luck to everyone !!

  26. Would love to get my hands on a tablet, especially this one. Good luck everyone !

  27. I just bought a Nexus 7 for a friend which he’s paying me back for and I can’t afford one. This would be better! I’d love a TF201!

  28. Man this would be amazing for college

  29. What a great Christmas present this would be.

  30. I want to win this please blackberry PlayBook sucks!

  31. ..i will gladly relieve you of this burden, just send it my way :)

  32. Yes please, I will be waiting for my winning email.

  33. Why on earth wouldn’t I enter?

  34. Here’s my attempt to win.

  35. Asus is doing awesome in the tablet market!

  36. Its no $550 mil but I’ll take it!

  37. Holy crap, I’m so excited! Maybe I’ll win this year, and if not, I’m just excited these devices exist!

  38. Another year of Tegra giveaways! Awesome!

    Yes please :-)

  39. Who doesn’t love free Android stuff!

  40. Great looking tablet, and cool looking keyboard!

  41. Boy oh boy I would love to win this!

  42. Happy December 1st everyone!!!!!

  43. It may not be the Nexus 10, but it’s an awesome tablet. Good luck everyone!

  44. I know! We’ll lure them into a giant bingo game!
    And how are we going to do that?
    We’ll print up some bingo cards on our printing press and… oh.
    Yes, it’s the lack of a printing press that lets us down there. Or bingo balls. Or a PA system. Or in fact, any bingo paraphernalia at all.
    Damn. So near, yet so far.

  45. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

  46. Merry Christmas! This would look nice under the tree.

  47. Been a huge fan of this tablet but couldn’t score a deal over black Friday and cyber Monday awesome tablet best of luck to all and to all a good night!

  48. Love the TF101 and now time for a new toy…. Bring on the festivities….

  49. I need some luck in the ever downward spiral that is my life.

  50. This would look great under my tree!

  51. Prime is out of prime?


  52. This would make a nice Christmas present for my wife

  53. Dude, I so want this! Can I has this fantastic looking gift please?

  54. Sweet Giveaway. I’m in!

  55. Indeed I was a dreamer…
    a fate which I despise
    For every time I open my eyes…
    I have no Transformer Prime.

  56. This would make a great Christmas gift! :D

  57. Good luck to everyone

  58. Transformer Prime ROCKS !

  59. The best time of the year.

  60. Well, I never win, but who knows …….

  61. Finally; something to look forward to.

  62. Transformer tablets are pretty awesome. It would surely replace my current laptop.

  63. This is an awesome site and an awesome Tablet may the best man or woman win… Good luck everyone

  64. I want to win this tablet :D

  65. I want this Transformer

  66. Very nice, transformers are nice tablets

  67. Let the magic begin! Good luck to everyone.

  68. Christmas – transform!… into a better Christmas!

  69. All I want for Christmas is…

  70. my two front teeth, and this.

  71. Quality site, and giving away a quality product! The best from the best! Thanks guys!

  72. This would be a great addition to my android family.

  73. android , tegra & me , happy holidays!!!!

  74. I would love to have one.

  75. I want to win this tablet so bad!!

  76. I’m glad to know you have included Brazil. We are almost always forgotten. ;-)

  77. Wow what an amazing opportunity!!!! Good luck to all! I hope I win ! :3

  78. I’m stuck for Christmas present ideas, my Dad would certainly appreciate this.

  79. Yay for 25 days of Tegra!

  80. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THIS AMAZING DEVICE…….. Pretty please with an android on top!!!!

  81. Oh wow thanks AndroidAndMe for such an event again! Good luck everyone!

  82. Merry Decembermas everybody!

  83. That’s the one that I want Yeah!

  84. Would be nice. Glad you expanded the contest area as well.

  85. Ya gotta love the online android community :)
    Good luck to all!

  86. sweeeet i hope i win:D

  87. Nice “contest”!

  88. Transformer would be a good compliment to my Nexus 7.

  89. Ho Ho Holy crap is right , can’t believe its this time of year again.

  90. this would be a wonderful Christmas gift hope i win

  91. Crossing my fingers!

  92. Well…… what a christmas present is there in my stocking…. ho ho hope so….

  93. It’s that time of year again!!

  94. Ho ho holy crap is right!!! Transformer prime? Yes please Santa!!!

  95. I check this page almost daily and I have never seen so many comments!

  96. Great start to holiday season!

  97. Just needed a reason to join.

  98. Sweet, I look forward to entering all 25 times and loosing miserably! I can dream ;-)

  99. love this time of year! count me on on this!

  100. Can I get it in Belarus?:)

  101. I didn’t win the Powerball so I need to win this.

  102. Pip pip da doodly doo
    Good luck to everyone!

  103. I got the little brother n7, now I need the big boy. Please?

  104. i would love to win this tablet living without one sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. this was such a great series of contests last year. I’m glad to see it’s back! this is a great prize that I would love to win. good luck to all who enter! thanks Android and me.

  106. I am truly looking forward to these next 25 days!

  107. Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney with this baby!

  108. Oh man, I would love one of these!

  109. Genius, £500 for a tablet and I bet its better than a million dollar ad campaign at getting people to sign up!

  110. I’m a buff baby that can dance like a man,
    I can shake-ah my fanny, I can shake-ah my can.
    I’m a tough tootin’ baby, I can punch-ah yo’ buns.
    Punch-ah yo’ buns, I can punch-ah yo’ buns!
    If you’re an evil witch, I will punch you for fun!

  111. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!

  112. Can I have one please?

  113. Excited that this is on again!

  114. Perfect for under the tree.

  115. yes.yes.yes.yes.yes.yes.yes.

  116. Would make for a very merry Christmas!

  117. I love this time of year!

  118. I need a tablet for school :/

  119. Asus is awesome in tablets – if HP were smart, that’s who they would have bought…

  120. This would make the best Christmas present ever. Me Please.

  121. I hope I win!!! Good luck everyone!

  122. Thanks for the chance to win the Prime.

  123. Its Christmas time, ho ho

  124. ♫It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas♫

  125. i ll never stop trying….

  126. Wow, good luck to everyone then :)

  127. Good luck everybody!

  128. My favorite time if year at AndroidAndMe!

    Thanks guys!

  129. This would be one awesome prize.

  130. Waiting to receive this wonderful piece of technology…

  131. Great contest that I’d like to win!

  132. Oh man already?!?! This has to be the best way to get hyped for Christmas… last year the contest drove me crazy! in a good way!

  133. I would be happy if I won this amazing Tablet

  134. Wow this is incredible
    I’m a big Asus fan and would love this tablet. Android and me ROCKS !!!

  135. ‘;DROP TABLE comments;

  136. Finally a reason to get excited about it already being December!! Thanks Androidandme!

  137. That’s one prime piece of tech.. And i want it BADDDD!!!!

  138. So pleased that this competition is back

  139. Sweet start to December! Been missing a tablet since my A500 broke :-(

  140. DX2 is my only Android device. Need reinforcements! Happy Holidays!

  141. Wow, looks like father Christmas actually wears green

  142. So cool ! To bad us french cannot participate.

  143. OMG, i love the prime. i want one!!

  144. How sweet. I would so love a tablet

  145. Transformer series is awesome!

  146. Great contest!Hope I win

  147. That would be a wonderful present ;)

  148. Would love to win :D

  149. I could use some holiday cheer in my life. Thanks Android&Me!

  150. AWWWWWW YEEEEAAAAHHH… giveaway seasons back…

  151. Waoooo

    December started n seems Christmas too approx a month ago thanks to and tegra for this .

    Have Aakash tab the worlds cheapest tab but it sucks very much need this tf201 badly …

  152. So this would be a present! :D

  153. give ah give ah give ah me a transformer

  154. Holy crap guys. You are amazing. I totally forgot how awesome last year was, I just hope I win this year :)

  155. Wouldn’t mind trying one of these.

  156. Love your site, I’m sure it would look amazing on the Transformer Prime’s screen!

  157. This sounds like a pretty nice prize.

  158. I quite like to eat pie naked but only in the afternoon obviously.

  159. Hey, this sounds awesome! Sign me up! Enter me for this contest! GIMME! :D

  160. Good luck, everybody, and Happy Holidays!

  161. I’m in !!! Finger crossed ;-)

  162. XMAS ALL THE WAYYY :-) Thanks for the competition!

  163. Love the giveaways.

    Thanks for doing this.

  164. Say that on any random day there are around 1000 people participating on this give away, I would have a probability of 0.001 to win the give away. If android and me has exactly 25 give aways then I will have only possibility of 0.001 to the power of 25 to win at least one. Damn, it is just too small. Anyway, we would never know what will happen only God does, so let’s wait and see.

  165. Alright I’ve been waiting months for a contest and like always good luck everyone

  166. I’ve noticed that in a lot of the contests you guys have spelt my username incorrectly, thus giving my prize to other users.

    Please get it right this time :P

  167. Now you know I wanna win!!

  168. This is not the comment you are looking for. Move along.

  169. would be nice to win this this year :-)

  170. This is still an amazing tablet, would love to win it!

  171. I’ll give this a shot.

  172. Awesome, love December! G’luck people!

  173. I could really use this since my laptop is basically useless now.

  174. I would like to win this. A lot actually.

  175. That is a sweet deal.

  176. Yes please need one bad

  177. Happy Festivus. “Airing of Grievances” can go paperless.

  178. Ipad anyone? LOL jks gimme this.

  179. The best Android web is doing one of the best thing we can do all. Giveaways are not great only on holidays, this is nice way how to show others you keep them in your mind. Greetings to all of you.

  180. Merry Christmas and Good luck!

  181. You guys never cease to amaze me…..thanks for the opportunity!

  182. I’d love to win :D

  183. Hey hey hey pick me.

  184. Its the season to be giving. Winning one sure would be awesome.

  185. FREE STUFF!!! Good luck fellow candidates

  186. Long time fan…..will try my luck with free giveaway !!!

  187. Here a great supporter of !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Thank you android and me.

  189. Well Thanks in advance Android & Me.
    I’m never going to the dark side (Apple Products)!!!!!!!!

  190. Still hoping for one since last year’s event. Thanks for the opportunity, Android & Me.

  191. Happy holidays, hope I win it!

  192. Sure, why not. Asus tablets rock!
    Haven’t spent much time on A&Me lately so I should probably work on a better rating for the later contests. ;)

  193. I wonder how this tablet would compare to my Nexus 7…

  194. Pleaaase, I need a quadcore Tegra3 to replace my netbook!!!! Send it to me, I deserve it, my precioussssss…

  195. hope odds of winning this is better than the powerball

  196. Would love to win this for my hubby. Fingers crossed.

  197. Just found this place — and I want to thank you all, and NVidia, too — for this great giveaway. Count me in, please.
    - martyh

  198. thanks for the giveaway.

  199. How can you be so awesome? ^^ Love it!!

  200. Thanks for all your hard work to do this!

  201. This would be an awesome Christmas present to… myself!!!

  202. Sweet! Excited for this to happen again :) Thanks for the chance!

  203. Would love to get this!

  204. Yummy! I want that thing. Very very much.

  205. heard the giveaways last year it was too late…now hopefully this year I can win something excited

  206. Oh how I love Android and me! and especially ASUS Transformers :)

  207. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

  208. Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Olive this time of year!

  209. AndroidAndMe and android to me :)
    Thanks muchly!

    ///////// It would be really nice to win anything for the first time in my life.

  211. Best time of year…giveaways!

  212. I guess I should give this a go! *crosses fingers*

  213. Wow this is a cool site, consider me a new fan! I’ll be back often.

  214. Christmas is the best time of the year

  215. Gotta love these days!

  216. My htc sensation just died on me today :(( I need some holiday cheer

  217. This is the best advent calendar ever!

  218. What the heck: why not enter?

  219. A comment! And crossed fingers…

  220. Nice to see a contest reaching further afield

  221. Happy holidays, hope I win it!

  222. Would love this, pick me please

  223. Here’s hoping to make this a Merry Christmas.

  224. Cool tablet and very cool that Finland is also including in the contest.

  225. Great, I’ll enter!

  226. Keep those new members flowin!

  227. I love Android and Me all year long, but I love this extra special 25 days even more! Happy Holidays everyone!

  228. I love this time of year! Count me in.

  229. oh boy! this great, thanks Android and me. sure hope win one this year. It kind of feels like “The twelve days of Christmas” :D

  230. Merry Christmas. Good luck everyone :)

  231. Don’t mind if I do. ;p

  232. Nice device for studying!

  233. oooooOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo! Shiny!