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What does T-Mobile carrying the iPhone mean for Android? A whole lot of nothing.

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T-Mobile has made a huge announcement today that should have champions of choice jumping for joy. Starting in 2013, T-Mobile will officially begin to carry Apple products. Already, there have been a handful of stories all over the web questioning what it means for Android now that the four largest carriers in the US will sell the iPhone. So just what exactly does T-Mobile carrying the iPhone mean for Android?

Let’s keep this simple, and get it out of the way right off the bat. It means nothing. Thanks for reading.

OK, we can do a little better than that.

At every chance they get, certain analysts, fanboys and link-bait artists love to sing the demise of the little green guy, who isn’t so little any more. Years and a world-dominating piece of the market share pie later, every uptick in iPhone sales and web-usage graph is hailed as a sign of the end times for Android.

At this point, Android has solidified itself as a serious player in the market. Well cemented, Android is not going anywhere. Verizon, Sprint and a handful of regional carriers landing the iPhone in the US was not enough to put the brakes on Android’s growth; there’s no way the appearance of the iPhone on T-Mobile is going to turn the industry on its head.

There may be some interesting changes in how T-Mobile handles advertising from here on out. When you have more platforms to advertise, someone has to take a hit in the FaceTime (get it?). And Magenta will probably kick it into overdrive getting HSPA+ on the 1900MHz band. But that’s about it. Maybe once the iPhone 5S comes out working on T-Mobile LTE, we’ll revisit this conversation. For now, if you see yet another doom and gloom report for Android because T-Mobile has entered into an agreement with Apple to sell their products, feel free to turn the other way.

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