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Google’s Q4 revenue tops $14 billion, profits at $2.9 billion


Google has just announced their quarterly earnings for Q4 2012, and the numbers look strong.

Total revenue for Q4 2012 came in at an impressive $14.4 billion, up 36% over Q4 2011. Net income didn’t see the same growth, but is still on the rise. Profits for Q4 2011 totaled $2.71 billion, while Q4 2012 came in at $2.89 billion.

Motorola Mobile brought in a total of $1.5 billion in revenue, but operating loss for the quarter is at $353 million, or -23% of revenues.

As for how Google’s revenue breaks down, advertising is still their money-maker. Google owned sites generated 67% of revenue, partner sites generated 27%, and 6% was attributed to “other revenues.”

For a more detailed breakdown of today’s earnings report, Google has a web-page with all the information you could possibly need.

Source: Google

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