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Samsung demoes flexible OLED prototype device


Now that smartphone manufacturers have mastered multi-core processors capable of handling the most intense of computing tasks, camera sensors that rival $300 point-and-shoots, massive full HD displays that look like vibrant, glowing printed paper and radio technology that provides handhelds with faster data speeds than home connections, what’s next? Samsung is putting their money on flexible displays.

At CES 2013, Samsung has a functional flexible OLED display prototype available for attendees to get a look at the future of mobile displays. The device, while lacking a bonafide smartphone operating system and other key components, features a 5-inch display sitting at “about” 1280×720. The display wraps around the side of the prototype with a soft bend. In the demo software on the device, the extra screen space that follows the bend is used to display easily accessible information like message details and a stock ticker. This is the kind of practical application Samsung sees for a device with a flexible display.

Samsung’s flexible OLED prototype device certainly carries that second-look, futuristic vibe, but a glance-able stock ticker is a little uninspiring. Still, it’s always fun to see what the next generation of mobile technology may hold.

Source: The Verge

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