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Rumor: HTC M7 firmware exposes first render of HTC 2013 flagship phone


The latest rumor has it that the above image depicts the upcoming HTC M7. According to @evleaks, the image was pulled from a SIM card installation tutorial included in an early version of the HTC M7′s firmware. The image shows a white device with a very minimalistic design dominated by edge-to-edge glass that covers the display. Above the display is a large front-facing camera, two senors (most likely used to measure proximity and ambient light) and micro-drilled speaker holes. What’s most surprising about the design of the device in the image is that it sports a matching set of micro-drilled holes below the screen, suggesting that the HTC M7 will have front-facing stereo speakers – a feature that would definitely enhance the handset’s media and gaming experience.

HTC M7 render

While we always love seeing leaked images of unannounced phones, we do not believe that the image above represents what the HTC M7 will look at launch. One of our sources claims that the design seen in the image is “not even close” to what the HTC M7 looks like and that the leaked image of the M7 from last week “matches up a lot better.”

Our source has yet to disappoint us with bad information, but we will remind you that the HTC M7 global launch is currently stalled, and the device could have multiple designs based on market and carrier demands. Fortunately, the official unveiling of the HTC M7 should happen during or before Mobile World Congress, which means there’s only about five weeks of rumors and speculation to get through.

What are your thoughts on the leaked image? Would front-facing stereo speakers be a selling point you’d be interested in?

Source: UnwiredView

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