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Game console Ouya will follow a yearly release cycle

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The list of what Ouya will share with traditional gaming consoles grew shorter today, after an interview with Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman revealed that the Android-based video game console will follow a yearly release cycle, with complete backwards compatibility.

Where traditional consoles may only see one refresh every five to seven years, a new Ouya will be released once every year. As technology quickly evolves around us, components are continually falling in price. This year, an Ouya with a Tegra 3 processor (which is being managed directly by Nvidia to ensure maximum utilization) and 8GB of internal storage may make sense at $99. But next year it will feel dated. By following a yearly release cycle with Ouya, consumers will always have access to the latest technology at an affordable price.

For those of you who think a new console every year is unnecessary, to put it into perspective: Xbox Live Gold, which is necessary to fully utilize your Xbox’s online capabilities, runs anywhere from $10 to $6 a month depending on how much time your purchase at once. To buy a new Ouya every year, you’ll spend an equivalent of $8 a month. And that will include complete backwards compatibility, since purchases are tied to an account, not hardware, and full online access.

Ouya will be available for purchase this summer, online and at retailers like GameStop and Target.

Source: Engadget

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