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New Google Glass video: ‘How It Feels’ to live with wearable computing


We were all impressed when Google posted the very first Google Glass concept video. Since then, we’ve seen very little of what the UI has to offer. Many have wondered exactly how Google’s wearable computing device will help make our lives easier.

To help answer those questions, Google has posted a new video titled “How It Feels [through Glass].” The two minute video is a mash-up of footage captured through Glass, showing how the device can be used to capture pictures, get directions, send emails, check the weather and even view Google Now notifications.

We’re sure that most of you will never find yourself in many of the situations in the video, but it definitely shows how Google Glass will change the way we interact with digital information in the future. For now, the price of Google Glass is completely out of reach for most consumers, but we could definitely see the price point drop to a few hundred dollars after several iterations of wearable computing devices hit the market in the coming years.

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