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Samsung Wallet brings Passbook functionality, design to Android


It’s no secret that Samsung looks to Apple for design inspiration, but we think the introduction of Samsung Wallet goes a little too far. The new application, shown off for the first time at Samsung’s Developer Day conference at Mobile World Congress, gives Samsung’s Android users a digital wallet that enables them to store boarding passes, event tickets, membership cards and coupons all in one place. Samsung Wallet features time and location-based push notifications. Application developers will soon be able to share information with their apps directly with Samsung Wallet (subject to Samsung’s approval).

While Google Play already has a few dozen digital wallet applications that offer many of the same features as Samsung Wallet, it’s clear Samsung was looking at Apple’s Passbook while developing the application. The Samsung Wallet app icon shares a few design cues with Passbook’s icons, and the layout of the cards and tickets within the application doesn’t stray far from Apple’s design. The idea of having a phone with a built-in digital wallet is very appealing, but it’s obvious that Samsung is still struggling to find its own design language.

Samsung Wallet is currently only available for developers to play around with, but we’re told it will make an appearance in Samsung’s app store in the near future. At launch, Samsung will have partnerships in place with Belly, Major League Baseball, Walgreens, Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com and Lufthansa. More partners will come online by this summer.

What’s your take on Samsung Wallet?

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