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Duke University uses Google Glass for app to recognize people by their clothing

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Seeing the apps Google has in store for us with Glass is exciting in itself, but as is the story with smartphones and tablets right now, it’s the third-party apps that really make the platform. So just what exactly will developers be able to do with Glass? Duke University is working on an app for Google Glass called, “InSight,” that recognizes people by the outfits they wear.

Here’s how InSight works: let’s say you’re meeting your friend for lunch, and you need to find him in a crowd. Your friend can take a picture and send it to you, which will then be analyzed by Glass for recognizable colors, textures and patterns. InSight will use this information to scan anyone within your line of vision, and tell you if it’s found a match.

While the effectiveness of InSight has yet to be really put to the test, it’s a great idea that shows the kind of things Glass is capable of. I can’t personally see using something like InSight a whole lot, if ever, but it has me looking forward to what other developers will do with Google Glass.

Via: Engadget

Source: Duke (PDF)

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