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Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki is either teasing the X Phone, or totally messing with us


Now that the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 have been revealed, everyone’s attention has turned to the fabled Motorola X Phone. Rumors on the X Phone have been swirling for months now, with new information coming out weekly. The latest big rumor on the X Phone, from our own Taylor Wimberly, points towards the X Phone being customizable at purchase. For example, users will be able to not only pick the amount of storage and color, but things like the amount of RAM as well.

Today, Motorola’s new advisor and community advocate Guy Kawasaki has posted an oddly timed video on his Mobile Devices community on Google+ that’s either teasing this rumored customization feature of the Motorola X Phone, or a cruel underhanded joke.

The video posted, when not paired with last week’s rumor or his comment on it, is rather innocent. Guy’s post features a YouTube video detailing Porsche’s “Exclusive” program, which allows would-be Porsche owners to customize every aspect of their brand new car. Along with the video, Guy asks, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could personalize your phone like this?” Wouldn’t it indeed.

To add what could be taken as a little credibility, on the same post on his personal page, not the Mobile Devices community, when questioned if the video and comment is related to the X Phone, Guy keeps answering with things like, “I’m just asking a hypothetical question…,” and, “I’m just a Porsche fan who works at Motorola…” He doesn’t deny the rumor, and goes on to tell one commenter, “Let me see what I can do for you,” in response to wanting a fully customized, one of a kind device.

Porsche Exclusive is exactly what last week’s rumor report on the customizable X Phone was pointing towards. Customers want phones tailored to their exact needs. With Porsche Exclusive, you’re able to pick not only some of the “internal” features of the car, like the exhaust system, but make aesthetic changes as well.

While we can’t say just how far Motorola will go with X Phone customization, should the rumors end up being true, we’d love to see Motorola go as far as allowing you to change the materials the X Phone is made out of.

For more information on the latest Motorola X Phone rumors, check out the original report, and the follow up with pictures of early rumored X hardware.

Source: Google+ Mobile Devices community

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