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Twitter for Android updated with Holo UI, new card support

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The number one reason why third-party Twitter clients are so popular on Android? Because the option Twitter has provided, for years now, sucks. For how big Twitter is, it’s astonishing how bad their app is. Or rather, was. Today, Twitter for Android has finally been updated to feel more at home on the platform.

I know; it almost seems unreal. But it’s true. Twitter has updated their Android app, and it’s amazing. Not only does it feature a revamped Holo UI, but there are swipe-able tabs and font changes. That pesky legacy menu button is gone, too. Even after fifteen minutes of use, the new Twitter feels a million times better than the old. It almost, almost, makes sense why they’d want to close down third-party “clones.” The default Twitter app is finally worth using again.

Among the design changes to the app, there have also been some added features. Twitter’s new cards, expanded tweet info-container-type things, now support enhanced app integration. So when someone posts something from Path, for example, you can be taken directly to Google Play from the Twitter card to install the app if you don’t already have it. If you do, you’ll be directly taken to that app. There’s also been changes to hashtags, @username support and the discovery tab.

If you’ve shunned the default Twitter app in the past, the latest update definitely warrants a second chance. Head to Google Play on your device to update now, or if you’re Twitter free, use the download widget below.


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