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Viggle is the perfect companion app for the NBA playoffs


Fantasy sports games make watching live sports more fun, but not everyone wants to invest the time into drafting a team or playing out an entire season. Thankfully Viggle has come to the rescue with MyGuy Fantasy Sports, an app that lets you participate in instant fantasy challenges and earn real rewards. I’ve been using Viggle this week as I watch my San Antonio Spurs┬ámarch towards the NBA Finals, and I’ve had a blast competing with other players.

Joining a MyGuy game is super easy and it only takes a few minutes to get started. All you need to do is launch the Viggle app, check-in to the game you are watching, and then join a MyGuy challenge. Each MyGuy game includes up to 10 people, and you can start playing when the game begins or at any point after that.

Once you are inside a MyGuy game, you get to choose a starter from either team. Every time your selected player does something good (field goal, steal, block, free throw, or rebound), your score goes up. If your player does three positive things in a row, then you go on a streak and earn double points (similar to being on fire in NBA JAM). You are free to change players at any time during the game, and a leaderboard helps you keep track of which players the other fantasy competitors have selected.

There is a joy in competing with others and talking smack during the game, but Viggle Rewards adds another bonus for participating. Viggle Points are handed out at the end of each MyGuy game and they can be exchanged for prizes like a gift card to Foot Locker, CVS, Old Navy, or JC Penny, a free month of Hulu Plus or Spotify Premium, or a free pizza from Papa Johns. Most of the rewards are of the gift card or coupon code variety, but they rotate them frequently and there are some premium prizes if you decide to save up your points.

If you plan to tune in to an NBA game tonight or anytime over the coming weeks, download Viggle and give MyGuy Fantasy Sports a try.


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